The other day while being a busy little worker bee, a coworker named Mrs G. approached me. Mrs G. has worked for the local union and the factory for nearly 30 years. She asked me if I was good at math… “Well…” I responded. “I know enough”. She then asked me if I was good with computers. “I know enough” I responded with a grin. Well it turns out Mr H. was ready to give up his position being the trustee of the union money. Mr. H didnt care for all the computer work involved he liked the old fashioned way with pen and paper.

Union working opportunity

Well I didnt think much of it at the time, but finally jack and I crossed paths two days later. He confirmed that he was indeed done with the job and that not only would the union supply a computer but they would pay part of my Internet bill!!! What luck that was ☺. Not only did i need the extra money, but I could use the practice on doing basic accounting.

I must say that I’m blessed to have this opportunity (if i get it) and as long as I keep an open and positive mind I know that other opportunities will present themselves. I’d love to hear other stories that people have regarding positive thinking and “law of attraction” type stuff.


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