It was June of 2016 and my wife and I were working overtime. Week after week would go by while we did this and the money came and went week after week. “They” say the more you make the more you spend. And so far it was true.

There had come a point in my mind where I wondered if this was it. We had everything we actually “needed” and we spent without much thought. That’s the problem though. There wasn’t anything really to show for it. I made a decision in May of 2016. There would always be money in the bank, and we would have something to show for our (over) time.




Some people would balk at this I’ve heard “it’s impossible to save money” or ” I can’t afford that“. Well you can’t afford everything, but you can afford some things. I ignore such talk. Simply put, I saved money week after week. It wasn’t a lot, but after 12 weeks of saving  $95 I had the money to buy my first riding lawn mower!!

Yes I have a hard working wife to help me raise our daughter. Yes I make more then some people ($12.39 hr as of today), but many people make more than me. All I’m saying is with overtime and willpower combined I made the money to buy a new lawnmower as well as a snowblower. I am thankful for what I have and I couldn’t be more blessed to have the girls in my life. Thanks to my wife and my daughter I do have the perfect life 😊



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