Today was another day off of work, and I wasn’t looking forward to it… You see I’ve been a bit worried about money lately due to the fact we went.. a bit overboard last Christmas. I tried not to dwell on it but I’m kinda obsessed with money 😊.  To put icing on the cake I quit smoking. Like 6x now.

I’ve been meaning to try blogging (or find any hobby for that matter) to distract me from the issues of money. Meanwhile my daughter plays with the puppies as happy as can be.

My lovely wife has baby #2 on the way and like any father I look to give my family as much as humanly possible. Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly make life easier. I welcome any ideas that other people have, but I decided it had to be online and work around my schedule being that I average 60 hours a week lately.

Which brings me to the way I made a few bucks recently! Most people don’t get excited about working for less than minimum wage, however the fact that I made money with an app and didn’t have to punch a clock was satisfying for me.
I get no money from promoting them, but that app is the first time I’ve actually made money without a job or selling something. I’ve done 6 jobs and averaged $5 a piece. In fact I did most of the local gigs on that app and now there’s none left to do (which explains why I am trying blogging out). I live in a rural area and the town next to me isn’t big.


So my two dislikes would be the lack of work and low pay. It really is easy money so the pay isn’t much of a complaint.

I would love other people to tell me about the experiences they’ve had making money without having to go to A J O B  (just over broke)

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